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Organisational Development Solutions

Organisational Development Solutions

The Wolfe Group’s Organisational Development division delivers clients a custom made solution to suit the needs of their organisations and those working within them.

Collectively our team offers in excess of 60 years experience in Service Evaluation and Review; Project Management; Crises Management; Organisational Redevelopment; Governance; Change Management; Strategic and Business Planning and Policy & Procedure Development. We have also acted as advisors to Boards of Directors of Health & Social Care organisations and mentored CEOs and Senior Managers across the Irish Health and Social Care Sector.

View a sample of recent Organisational Development work undertaken by The Wolfe Group on behalf of our clients here.

Please review our comprehensive menu of services in the area of Organisational Development below, or contact us to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements in strictest confidence.

Menu of services : 

Advisory / Consultancy services to Boards of Directors on the development and strategic direction of their organisations

System Review and Development, including Human Resource Systems, Appraisal Systems, Performance Management Systems, Complaints Procedures, Communication Strategies, Policy Systems, Person Centred Planning Systems and Management Systems & Processes

Evaluation services including Value for Money analyses; Cost Containment/Efficiency studies; Skill Mix and Staff Level analyses; evaluations of Governance, Management Structures & Systems; evaluations of Public Funded Projects.

Click here to learn about The Wolfe Group’s unique and highly specialised Quality & Audit services which include evaluations of quality and standards within services and preparation for national standards.

Governance – development of structures and systems and delivery of governance training.

Project & Crises Management services including specialist Board and Organisational Redevelopment work.

Policy, Procedure and Guideline development for Health & Social Care organisations, including implementing policv systems and providing a range of bespoke supports which facilitate best practice when developing, implementing and auditing policies, procedures and guidelines.

Strategic & Business Planning. 

Risk Assessments. 

Business Case development.

Conflict Resolution & Facilitation services.

Mentoring of CEOs / Senior Management.