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Life, Personal and Executive Coaching and Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching

To complement the supervision, mentoring and governance supports we provide we are now offering coaching to individuals .

Coaching offers a protected space for the person to clarify thinking and look forward. The sessions are collaborative and cooperative, are confidential, non-judgemental and safe.

A coaching session allows the person being coached to reflect on any issue s/he wishes to focus on and to gain clarity on the options available to him/her in order to move forward. It is a solutions focused approach based in positive psychology. Coaching provides a facilitated space to gather one’s thoughts, realise the options available, decide on a plan and the actions needed. It is an empowering process.

The benefits of providing this support are many, including:

 Personal growth

 Increased self-awareness

 Improved confidence

 Accessing new ways of thinking

 Improving leadership skills

 Greater motivation and commitment

 Enhanced mental health and wellbeing

 Access to external support and encouragement

A recent testimonial from a CEO who undertook coaching with The Wolfe Group highlights the impact of the process:

” It was a very timely intervention as my self-esteem and my self-confidence had taken a downward turn. I found the whole experience to be a very valuable exercise in self exploration. It enabled me to focus and highlight my strengths, not to be so hard on myself, identify and work on my weaknesses. By the end of the process I found that my self-confidence had been restored to a point where I felt I was again effective in making a valuable contribution to the Organisation which I work with and to Society. I would highly recommend anyone to engage in this process.”

The usual process involves 4 meetings per person. The first session can take up to 2hrs and thereafter the sessions take 45mins-90mins.  These can be facilitated face-to-face (obeying social distancing requirements) or via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or over the phone.

To discuss further please contact Nicola on 0879197744 or by email